BOILER – Boiler type extended wagon top, inside diameter of waist at front end 59”, largest course 65-3/4” outside diameter, material of shell, homogeneous boiler steel, Domer well secured to boiler.  Shell thoroughly reinforced at opening.  Boiler well designed, thoroughly braced and stayed, of best workmanship, and capable of carrying, with a factor of safety a working pressure of 190 lbs. Per square inch Boiler tested, with steam and with hot water above working pressure.

Slopped back head.

Horizontal seams But jointed, Multiple riveted, with welt strips inside and outside.

Plates planed at edges and caulked.

Rivet holes reamed, after assembling, to insure uniform holes, and slightly counter-sunk under head of rivets, Boiler built to ASME Boiler Code Part 1, Section 3 Engine to operating in State of Oregon.


Fire Box – Fire box of homogenous fire box steel,

            Length inside 90-1/8”, width inside 40-1/4”

            Thickness of crown sheet 3/8”, tube sheet ½”, sides 3/8”, back, 3/8”

            Water space front 4”, sides 3-1/2”, back 3-1/2”.


Mud Ring – Mud ring accurately fitted and substantially double riveted.  Cast steel in 1 pcs.

Staybolts – of wrought iron, 1” diameter, screwed and riveted to sheets, suitably spaced from

center to center, and pneumatically driven.

            Tell tale holes drilled in outer ends.

            Crown sheet supported by radial stays of wrought iron 13/16” dia.body, 1” ends.

            Body of ample diameter, with enlarged ends, screwed through the crown and shell            and riveted over.

            Suitable number of front transverse rows to be expansion stays.


Superheater – The Superheater Co’s firetube type “A” superheater.

Tubes – Tubes of seamless shell #15 R.W.G. thick (min) 112 in number, 2” outside dia. 12’6”

long, set with copper ferrules at firebox end, 11/16” tube spaces.

            21 Superheater flues of seamless shell 5-3/8” OD #10 BWG thick (min)

Fire Brick – Fire brick arranged suitable for oil burning.

Cleaning Holes – Washout plugs provided at corners of fire box, above fire door and crown sheet, and for washing shell of boiler.

Blow-off Cock – one Builders standard

Safety Valves – Two open pops.

Water Supply – Furnished by two injectors Nathon Monitor of suitable xxx capacity.

Oil Burner = Oil burning arrangement and burner of suitable design.

Pan – pan of steel plate

Fire – fire

Smoke box – Smoke box extended and arranged suitable for oil burning.

            Front end door of pressed steel, carefully fitted.

Smoke Stack – Smoke stack of cast iron, designed to give maximum draft.








Frames – Frames of cast steel thoroughly annealed.  Single forward section provided with lugs for holing cylinders.  Frames thoroughly braced together and to boiler by suitable castings, braces, expansion plates and pads.  Pedestals protected from wear by cast iron shoes and adjustable wedges, and securely fastened together at bottom by caps lugged and bolted at bottom of pedestal.

Cylinders – Cylinders, diameter 18”, stroke 24”, of close grained iron as hard as cona be worked.  Cast with half saddle attached, secured together in a substantial manner and accurately bolted and keyed to frame.

Pistons – Pistons of cast iron made with solid heads, and fitted with cast iron packing rings.

Piston rods of hammered steel, of ample diameter, properly fitted and securely fastened to pistons and crossheads.


Valves – Steam chest valves:  Piston type – Builders standard


Valve Motion – Walschaert Valve motion graduated to cut off equally at all points of the stroke.

Detail parts of soft steel with case hardened wearing surfaces.

Bushings of bronze or soft steel casehardened.

Alco power reverse gear type “E”


Rod Packing – Metallic packing on piston rods and valve stems.


Guides – Guides two bar type, of steel, securely bolted to cylinder heads and to rigid guide yoke extending across frames.


Crossheads – Laird type, of cast steel with ample bearings.




Driving Wheels – Number 8, diameter 44”, diameter centers 38”, carefully proportioned and accurately counterbalanced.  Main centers of cast steel.

                                                        Other centers of “      “


Tires – Bronze hub liners on all drivers:

Tires of open-hearth steel 3” thick

Flanged tires on all drivers 5-1/2” wide


Axles – Axles of hammered open-hearth steel finished in best manner.

Main journals, diameter 8-1/2”, length 9” lateral motion front driving journals, diameter 7-1/2”, length 18”box, builders standard, same


Other journals, diameter 7-1/2”, length 9” as Order B-1671.


Boxes – Main driving boxes of cast steel with deep flanges and larger oil cellars, and carefully fitted with heavy bronze bearings arrange with suitable oil grooves.


Springs – Driving springs of open-hearth steel, tempered in oil, and secured to a system of equalizing beams to insure the engine riding in the best possible manner.


Rods – Connecting rods of hammered open-hearth steel, fitted with adjustable bronze bearings.  Parallel rods of hammered open-hearth steel with bronze bushings.






Crank Pins – Of hammered open-hearth steel with ample bearings surfaces.


Lubrication – All bearings on engine provide with suitable means for their proper lubrication, adjustable oil cups on guides and suitable oil cups on rods.

Cylinders and valves oiled from cab through copper pipes under jacket by one five feed hydrostatic bulls-eye lubricator of suitable capacity.

Omit flange lubricator


Engine Truck


Leading Truck – Frame of steel carefully annealed.  Engine truck boxes of cast iron with bronze bearings, boxes working in suitable pedestals with approved arrangement of equalizing beams and springs.  Radial center bearing of ample diameter.


Springs – Springs of open-hearth tempered in oil.


Leading Wheels – number 2, diameter 28” OD, cast iron centers with 3c5-1/2” OH steel tires.

Axles of hammered open-hearth steel. Journals, diameter 5”, length 10”


Trailing Wheels – Trailing wheels, number 2, diameter 28” OD cast iron.

Centers with 3c5-1/2” OH steel tires.

Trailing truck radial type, with inside journals.

Axles of hammered open-hearth steel.  Journals, diameter 5”, length 10”

Builders standard constant resistance type engine and trailer truck.  Similar to B-1671




Cab – Substantially built of steel plate side entrance type; thoroughly braced and secured to boiler and running boards, furnished with suitable sliding windows, and with convenient tool boxes, seats, cushions and arm rests for engineer and fireman.


Cab clear vision windows with frames of malleable iron.


Running Boards – of steel plate.


Bumper – Front and rear bumpers of cast steel.


Steps – of wood front and rear.


Sand Box – two sand boxes of ample capacity arranged with suitable valves and pipes.

                Sander pneumatic single to each box.


Headlight – Two 14” round case, one front and one rear, with Pyle National electric equipment.

FIXTURES  - Engine provided with support for headlight, bell, cast iron whistle, gauge cocks, glass water gauge, blower, cab lamps, one steam gauge.  Safety type water gauges.  Omit bell ringer.  Omit fire extinguisher.

Tools – Engine provided with all necessary wrenches, hammer, chisels, packing tools, one jack screw, oil cans and torch.

Templating – Principal parts of engine fitted to gauges and templates, and interchangeable.

Bolts & Nuts – All bolt threads U.S. Standard, except where finer threads are necessary.

All finished removable nuts case-hardened.  Fittings manufactured outside to have makers standard threads.

Hand Rails – of iron or steel conveniently arranged and securely fastened.



 Coupler –


Draft Gear –


Trucks – two four-wheel center bearing trucks, arch bar type with heavy bolsters.


Springs – Springs of open-hearth steel tempered in oil.


Wheels – number,                diameter


Axles –


Tank – Round top saddle type, made of steel plates strongly riveted together, with angle iron corners, thoroughly braced and stayed and well secured to boiler.

Water capacity 2000 U.S. Gallons

Oil capacity 1000 gallons




General Finish – Cylinder casings of sheet steel, with pressed steel painted head covers.  Steam chest body casing of sheet steel with pressed steel covers, painted.


Lagging – Boiler lagged with sectional magnesia

Cylinders lagged with sectional magnesia.


Jacket – Boiler jacket of sheet steel neatly secured by bands and painted.

Back head lagged and jacketed.


Painting – Engine well painted and varnished, with marking and numbers, as specified by purchaser.


Patents – All patent fees not covered by this specification excepted.




Brakes – Westinghouse – American automatic air brakes on all drivers with train connections front and rear.

Schedule ET #6 and WN-1 and BC

One 9-1/1” air pump

Reservoirs of ample capacity